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Liquid Melatonin


  • Sleep Better - Formulated with natural ingredients, our alcohol-free melatonin helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. With quick absorption and a natural formula, it's a quality sleep aid for kids and adults alike.
  • Fall Asleep Faster - Our melatonin liquid is quick and easy to use, with a dropper that allows for direct application to the mouth or easy mixing with water or juice. Get the rest you deserve.
  • Helps Parents and Children Sleep Better - Melatonin is known as non-habit forming and safe for regular use, helping to promote natural and healthy sleep without the risk of addiction. Suitable for kids and adults,it is a versatile solution for anyone seeking a natural sleep aid.
  • Know What Goes In Your Body - We manufacture everything ourselves, using only natural ingredients in a controlled environment. We can trace every ingredient in every batch, so you can be confident in what you are purchasing.
  • Holistic Harmony Achieved - Dive into the heart of wellness with Svasthya's carefully curated products. By embracing nature's bounty over synthetic solutions, we empower you to care deeply for your well-being, fostering a life that's not just lived, but brilliantly alive.


- Alcohol-free Melatonin supplement for restful sleep
- Formulated with natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives
- Helps regulate sleep-wake cycle, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep
- Reduces stress levels and improves mood
- Gives body and mind the restful sleep it needs

How to Use it:

1 dropper full directly into your mouth or mixed in water. ​Refrigerate after opening for optimal freshness.

Our Promise

No Petroleum by-products, No Harmful Preservatives,
No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Artificial Colors,
No Artificial Fragrances and Cruelty Free.